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Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Ernie Live Saturday Membership

    +$10 Membership set up fee
    Short-term trial for beginners
    Valid for one month
    • Ernie Live Saturday Strength & Flexibility Training Classes
    • 4 weekly live classes
    • Consultation question time for personal attention
  • Best Value

    DDD Live Zoom Saturday Class with Ernie

    Every month
    +$10 Six month training program set up fee
    Year Program Ideal for advanced trainers
    Valid for 6 months
    • Live Strength & Flexibility Training Saturdays 3-4 PM EST
    • Questions and Answer time to adjust workouts for specifics
    • Staff availability to assist with rescheduling
    • 25 weeks / 6 month plan
  • Platinum Membership Video Wednesdays

    Every month
    +$10 Platinum Membership set up fee
    Perfect for committed trainers
    • 4 weeks Wednesdays 1-2 PM EST Strength & Flexibility Class
    • Add a second workout with Ernie to your week
    • Consistent repetition will increase results
    • Questions and answers can be related to Ernie for specifics.
    • To get determined dedicated disciplined to be fit with Ernie
  • Ernie's Gold DDD Membership Plan

    Every month
    +$10 Membership set up fee
    Ernie's 3 Month Live Saturday Strength & Flexibility Training Classes
    Valid for 3 months
    • 4 Weekly Ernie Live Saturday 3-4 PM EST Classes
  • Private One on One Training with Ernie

    Every month
    +$10 Private Membership set up fee
    Perfect for beginners to work with Ernie
    Valid for 3 months
    • Set your workout schedule with Ernie for direct instruction
    • Create with Ernie your goals and plan the workouts necessary
    • Two times a week/4 week plan to establish your program
    • Motivation unlimited with Ernie and Staff
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